PAH Week 13 - 12,000 miles

May 2, 2018

This week sees me hit over 12,000 miles leaving less than 2000 miles to push. Great news however this will no doubt be the hardest of the Challenge. I move along the Alaska Highway and onto Fairbanks where I will hit the Daltons Highway, famous for the Ice Road Truckers. A road normally impassable during most of the year except June-August. Im obviously taking it on in May so there is a lot of danger ahead, with ice, snow, thawing waters, wildlife and other road users. Myself and the team will have to have all our wits about us. We are coming into -27 degree temperatures now too so all preparing for that. 



This week has been a tough week as its now been over 3 months since I have seen the kids. My son is 22 months this week and is changing rapidly everyday. I get to Skype them now and then but due to time differences and the times I can speak its very difficult. Having a military background I am used to time away from the family but usually lots of things to take my mind off, being on the road like this you have a lot of time to think and I think about all the things I want to do with the family when I am home. Its incredibly important to appreciate that they are only young once and to enjoy the time while you can. 




Next week I will hopefully be updating you from Alaska and the family will have began their journey towards me and will be accompanied by Matt Cordas of St. James's Place who has been a huge support to the family back home as well as a great ambassador for St. James's Place. Looking forward to seeing you all at the finish line!! 


All is good!


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