PAH18 Week 11

April 25, 2018

I am in in the USA and it’s a strange sense of relief to be somewhere that literally speaks my language. It’s a great feeling to know you are in familiar surroundings. 


Although the security threat level has dropped in our plan it’s still important we stay ever vigilant. Saying that nature has thrown its own collection of threats at us in the way of snakes and tornadoes. Nothing we can’t handle though.  


Thinking we had escaped the winds however we couldn’t be more wrong,  the strength of the cross winds and headwind meant I was often unable to move and when I could get my speed up it was at snail pace. I took the decision to spilt my ride and cycled during the day, rested during the winds then cycled again at night when the winds were low. During planning it had been decided I wouldn’t night cycle just due to the increase in threats such as visibility, night animals, other drivers however in order to break this record we took the decision and it was the right one. I have just done the biggest ride of my life and cycled 340 miles in one stint. 


Puts me right back on track and heading North to that finish line! 


Thanks again for all your support, you can follow me daily across all social media via Dean Stott or pah2018 and of course on the website 





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