PAH18 week 10 - 8700 miles

April 9, 2018


The week in Mexico has been one to remember, firstly I had opportunity to celebrate my 41st birthday with my bike and computer covering another 150 miles.


Mexico has given me a combination of all riding experiences, be it at 40 degrees plus one moment to then 8 degrees in an eventful thunderstorm washing off my sunscreen. I've had huge mountain climbs, then followed by miles and miles of flat terrain.


I only have 3 more days left before entering the USA into Texas, there is an element of excitement that finally people will understand what I am saying, however this has also been a great tool for us along the way. On numerous occasions I have been stopped at tolls and asked what I am doing on the highway, in my best Spanglish repeated they just wave you on having not understood a word I said.


This however will not be the case in America and so will be more difficult to talk my way out of the situation.



When I did my research on previous riders, and the challenges they faced, all were in South and Central America. We too have had our fair share of issues, however nothing to the extent that others had reported. I however took note of some of their issues, such as spares for the bike, language,  finding ATMs etc and ensured I was in a better position.


The people of both South and Central America have all been so hospitable, even the lorry drivers. In nearly 9000 miles of cycling I've only encountered one slight confrontation and that was today when a woman was cursing me by the side of the road, I'm assuming however she thought I was American and I'm personably responsible for the construction of the new wall.


I will have fond memories of my time in South and Central America, as with anything I will only talk about the good ones...totally forgotten the winds of Patagonia.


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