Dean's World Record Breaking Week

March 27, 2018


Very difficult to sum up this last week as it has been quite surreal and a mixture of emotions.


Firstly I’m obviously over the moon that I not only achieved my aim of beating the previous world record, but to do so in such a convincing manner. When I started the campaign I said to myself even if you beat it by 1 minute then that’s great. As the previous weeks went by, I became more confident that I was going to achieve my aim, but the next question was by how much. I was constantly keeping myself in a position of a week ahead of the individual world record, as I then covered more distance I asked myself would I be happy knowing that a duo last year had cycled the South America route in 49 days and 23 hours, I wanted to be the fastest person ever. Clearly the answer was no and so I pushed hard to gain more distance and pull back time completing it in 48 days and 54 mins.


Due to shipping issues, the vehicles for our second phase of the project were stranded in Florida, and so team members alongside Matt Cordas from St James Place flew out and successfully moved the vehicles 4000 miles in 7 days to Panama. That was however not without any issues, there were dramas with bureaucracy, paperwork discrepancies and even armed gangs, but they held their cool and too achieved their aim. I can honestly say that had it not been for the  swift actions of the team, I probably would still be sat in Panama.


As my wife was leading the part of the vehicle movement team, I managed to meet with her for the day in Panama whilst too conducting media interviews with Sky, STV etc. It was great to also get an opportunity to call the children and a comfort that all was well back home. When my wife flew home I was quite happy to start the second phase of the challenge the next day which was Central America. 

It wasn’t however until the following day I realised how hard it actually was knowing I still had so far yet to go. I’m now on day 53 and in Costa Rica, tomorrow I will be entering Nicaragua but more importantly I am back into my routine and hungry for the second world record.



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