PAH18 Week 7

March 23, 2018

I’m finally in Colombia, the last remaining country of South America and the last few days between myself and the first world record. 


Both countries Ecuador and Colombia have been stunning in regards to the scenery. Although the mountains are a physical challenge and reduce my average speed, they are breathtaking in both ways. 




The Colombians are huge cycling fans, the first morning I arrived in Colombia I had seen more cyclists in the space of an hour than I had for the last 40+ days. 


There has now been a few occasions where I have been asked if I am Chris Froome, not sure if it’s because my cycling technique has improved or the fact I have lost so much weight, I will go with the latter. 


The days now seem to all roll into one, I couldn’t tell you much about yesterdays ride as I have already forgotten, very much now in auto pilot mode. 


I now am 3 days outside Cartagena and the end of this first phase, I soon will have to start gauging my mind and thoughts to the next stage and get mentally prepared for the second phase.


To keep me moving and the campaign alive, the PAH18 HQ element along with Matt Cordas from St James Place too have been conducting endurance feats themselves as they are currently driving the vehicles that are required for the second phase from USA to Panama (4000 miles in 8 days) in a race against the clock. 


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