Dean's Training Diet

February 28, 2017

Dean's diet will vary in the coming year as we train his body to adapt to using different food groups as fuel. 

For many athletes the advice is to 'carb load' during endurance events. However, Dean will be cycling for 7-10 hours a day for 110 days straight, so we need to train his body for stamina and endurance both physically and mentally. He needs to be able to tap into all his fuel sources, this is why we train him to use fat as fuel. 

High fat, low carbohydrate (HFLC) diets have been buzzing around for years now, which for some means avoiding all things bread and pasta and loading up on bacon, oil and cream (by the way, this will not give you your dream body inside or out!). 

However, a HFLC diet, if used correctly can help train the body to use fat as fuel. When we eat carbohydrates they are burned for fuel and provide 4 calories per gram of energy. When we eat fats or burn from our body stores, they provide 9 calories per gram of fuel. Therefore you can effectively doubling your fuel efficiency if you use fat as your primary fuel source from the start. 

Breakfast foods ideal for this body training are: eggs, avocado, salmon, almond butter, olives and coconut oil. 

A preferred breakfast for Dean on these days is: 
Scrambled eggs made with coconut oil and 4 large whole eggs, 120g of smoked salmon, sautéed spinach (coconut oil) half an avocado and a black coffee with a spoon full of coconut oil (a favourite of Deans)










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