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2 May 2018

This week sees me hit over 12,000 miles leaving less than 2000 miles to push. Great news however this will no doubt be the hardest of the Challenge. I move along the Alaska Highway and onto Fairbanks where I will hit the Dal...

26 Apr 2018

Ending this week in Canada. I'm now cycling sub zero degrees. With the dramatic change in weather from last week in Texas it has me prepping for the final leg in Prudhoe bay.

I’ve pushed into Calgary however its left my...

25 Apr 2018

I am in in the USA and it’s a strange sense of relief to be somewhere that literally speaks my language. It’s a great feeling to know you are in familiar surroundings. 

Although the security threat level has dropped in our pl...

9 Apr 2018

The week in Mexico has been one to remember, firstly I had opportunity to celebrate my 41st birthday with my bike and computer covering another 150 miles.

Mexico has given me a combination of all riding experiences, be it at...

3 Apr 2018

This week has been fast and slow, fast in the fact that we are ticking off the countries, but slow due to border delays.

Regardless I have achieved the daily miles expected and now we are in country 11 (Mexico) with an expect...

27 Mar 2018

Very difficult to sum up this last week as it has been quite surreal and a mixture of emotions.

Firstly I’m obviously over the moon that I not only achieved my aim of beating the previous world record, but to do so in such a...

23 Mar 2018

I’m finally in Colombia, the last remaining country of South America and the last few days between myself and the first world record. 

Both countries Ecuador and Colombia have been stunning in regards to the scenery. Although...

12 Mar 2018

End of day 38 and today I have completed over 5000 miles (8000km) cycling and now am on my second day in Ecuador, the fourth country.

Peru for cycling was probably the better of the 3 countries at the time as each afternoon t...

5 Mar 2018

The beginning of the week saw me cycling to Arica which is 20km short of the Peru border. The day involved two large climbs, one of 21km and the second of 15km. The one thing I will take away from South America is the fact e...

26 Feb 2018

This week saw me take on the Atacama desert, the driest non poplar desert in the world and I can see why.

When I first did my research on this challenge, 3 main areas of concern for difficulty in riding conditions were highli...

19 Feb 2018

That's now Day 17 complete and I am now 2137 miles into the challenge, a huge contrast in regards to so many elements, the scenery, the culinary options, the weather and the cycling conditions.

The decision to take a days res...

12 Feb 2018

It was very difficult the two weeks prior to arriving in country to really focus and get myself in the correct mindset for the challenge ahead due to so many events and media interviews. 

A great comfort to know though that d...

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